Paranormal Walks 2018
Paranormal Walks 2018

Why the CIA Killed JFK and Malcolm X

John Koerner's first Kennedy assassination book can be ordered by clicking the icon above.

John Koerner's groundbreaking new book, "Exploding the Truth, The JFK, Jr. Assassination"

Order "Exploding the Truth, The JFK, Jr Assassination," by clicking the icon above.

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Paranormal Walks summary

Thank you to all of our sponsors and friends who came to our tours this year. We will announce our 2019 schedule of tours early next year with some exciting new changes. Happy holidays to all of our paranormal friends.

Paranormal Walks 2018:

Ghosts, folklore, UFOs, curses, historical mysteries, miracles, strange creatures, vampires, conspiracies, legends, demons, angels, and secret societies


Center Street, Medina

1.) Medina

New sites for 2018. Haunted churches, Masonic secrets, Iroquois legends, Civil War era ghosts, haunted theaters, and occult murders are just some of the mysteries of this old Erie Canal village, truly one of the hidden gems in all of Western New York.

All Wednesdays, October 3 through October 31, 7 p.m.

Meets at Meggie Moo's Ice Cream Cafe, 114 East Center Street, Medina, $10 per person, children under 7 free

Corner of Lake and Union, Village of Hamburg

2.) Hamburg

The paranormal secrets of this beautiful village are revealed with new sites added for 2018.

All Fridays, Sept. 14 through Oct. 26, 7 p.m. (Free parking in Hamburg Village Municipal Parking Lot)

Meets at Main St. Ice Cream, 35 Main St., Hamburg, $10 per person, children under 7 free

The Haunted Lockport Masonic Temple

3.) Lockport

After each tour, we will head down into the locks for a little ghost hunting that is included with admission, with new equipment for 2018.

One of WNY's oldest towns has yielded a truly bizarre past.

All Saturdays, Sept. 15 through Oct. 27, 7 p.m. (Free parking in Discovery Center Parking Lot)

Meets at Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream Cafe, 79 Canal St.,

Lockport, $10 per person, children under 7 free


4.) Cobblestone/Canalside

 The Cobblestone District and Canalside has perhaps the highest concentration of death anywhere in WNY, which accounts for its wide paranormal footprint.

All Saturdays, Sept. 15 through Oct. 27

7 p.m. (Free parking on non-arena nights in the parking lot directly next to Iron Works on Illinois St. Additional free parking across from Helium on Mississippi St.)

Meets at Buffalo Iron Works, 49 Illinois St., Buffalo, $10 per person, children under 7 free

  • No reservations, or tickets, are required.
  • Walks are family oriented, interactive, and instructive.
  • Tours are based on original research conducted by Paranormal Walks.
  • All walks are rain or shine, at your own risk, and last about 90 minutes.
  • Private tours available.
  • A portion of our profits are donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo, the Wyndham Home in Lockport, and the Hamburg Disabled Veterans.
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John Koerner, founder of Paranormal Walks, author, professor, and historian
Click the icon above to listen to Professor John Koerner's interview on Coast to Coast AM discussing the Assassination of JFK Junior.



Click above image to listen to John Koerner's interview on Coast to Coast AM discussing "Why the CIA Killed JFK and Malcolm X."
Click above to order John Koerner's first conspiracy book.
Click icon above to order John Koerner's most controversial book "Hunting the Nazarene: The Second Resurrection of Christ."
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